"At some point in all of our lives, we experience a fear of the dark. Whether real or irrational, it can remain with us, evolving, returning, reminding. In certain circumstances, darkness can take on a personality, a presence, even a voice; it can conceal secrets but in time, it can also expose them. The problem is, you can never be entirely sure that when you stare into the darkness, there isn't something staring back. The question is, “Do you believe?”

USE: One act staged play or for radio. Ideal for One Act Festivals.


Robert has decided to see a Counsellor to help him with a fear. His only fear. One which has been with him, haunted him, for most of his life. It is a fear many of us have had at one time or another and probably grown out of. But his fear has got worse as he has grown older and he can no longer live with it. He is hoping to be “fixed” by the sessions he has booked with Sarah, his Counsellor, and during his first one, he tells the story, his story; the story of what terrorises him. Can Sarah help him come to terms with his fear? Or is there more to it, more and then he is telling her? Facing your fear is to know it. Knowing your fear is to understand it. But believing it? That could take your fear to a completely different place …

CAST: 1m, 1f.

Robert: 40 years of age (This can be altered to suit with slight modifications to the script when his age is referenced and also the significant date within the plot). He is a professional, self-made man and has that air about him. Initially self assured but demonstrates his anger, fear, self-consciousness as the piece develops and in resolution has an unnatural and chilling calm about him.

Sarah: 35-45 years of age but this is not essential. She is a Counsellor and has an air of positivity, empathy, caring about her as would be expected. Latterly she is an observer of his story which needs her to be engaged and supportive of the action. She ‘goes with the flow’ as she is drawn in by the story and by the end, she becomes less managing of the situation and more a participant, drawn in by the story.

RUNNING TIME: 40 minutes approx.

STAGING: This is either a one act play or a radio play. The script needs no adaptation to accomodate either. It does not need to be played in a conventional stage environment and could be performed in any space as long as the lighting can be managed as subdued and later, darkness/BO which are essential. The action takes place in a counsellor’s office so two suitable chairs, a table and a working lamp which can be controlled to provide the indicated FXs is essential. There are no SFX required and music may be used if desired for the preset, the transition between scene one and two and at the end.

COSTUME: Modern, contemporary, smart-casual probably for both. There are no specific wardrobe requirements for the plot and the same wardrobe is used throughout.

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NB: Please be aware that this piece does not feature in the published collection "The First Ten Plays."